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Above and beyond the unjust penalties which can arise from a person either representing themselves or engaging a lawyer who does not specialise purely in Queensland Traffic Law, Queenslanders like yourself often run the very real risk of permanent forfeiture of their vehicle by simply pleading guilty to what are known as Type 2 offences.

The common perception is that permanent vehicle forfeiture penalties only apply to those who engage in 'hooning' type behaviour, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Type 2 offences include minor oversights such as forgetting to renew your registration, forgetting to renew your licence, and forgetting to pay your CTP insurance.

For example, we recently acted for a client who was charged with driving on a Demerit Point suspended licence. They never received the suspension notice. 

However, given they had within the last 5 years previously received fines for having failed to renew their registration, failed to pay their CTP insurance and failed to renew their licence, they faced mandatory and permanent forfeiture of their vehicle.

Had our client have simply attended court and entered a plea of guilty either by themselves or with a lawyer who was not on top of the current forfeiture laws, their vehicle would have automatically been permanently forfeited to the State.

That said, they contacted Wiseman Lawyers and we had the vehicle released.

One Error in Judgement Should Not Cost You Your Vehicle

Good people like you do not deserve to be subjected to the hardship of permanent vehicle forfeiture.

People like you who rely upon their vehicle and their licence to earn a living do not deserve to lose everything as a result of their one off mistake.

Let us minimise the damage, so that you can put this matter behind you and get on with your life.

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