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Charged with DUI Drink Driving in Bowen? Accumulated one too many demerit points on Peter Delemothe Road? Failed a roadside Drug Driving saliva test on Herbert Street? Charged with Dangerous Driving on Mount Nutt Road?

If you face loss of licence, imprisonment, or anything in between, that is all we do and we can help you in Bowen today.

Our team of Drug Alcohol & Traffic Offence Lawyers are here to help you minimise the impact of your situation by achieving the shortest possible disqualification period, minimising any fine, and where eligible, obtaining for you a Work Licence or Special Hardship Licence.

We specialise in Drug Driving, DUI Drink Driving, Careless & Dangerous Driving, Unlicensed & Disqualified Driving, Work Licences, Special Hardship Licences and Drug & Alcohol related offending. 

To get your Free No Obligation Case Assessment, call the Wiseman Lawyers team today on 1300 947 352. 

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