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Wiseman Lawyers are the specialised DUI Lawyer team Queensland have relied upon for over a decade. Launched by veteran DUI Lawyer Andrew Wiseman in January 2010, the Wiseman Lawyers team of Queensland DUI Lawyers have specialised in minimising Qld DUI penalties, saving licenses and keeping clients out of jail for over ten years.DUI Lawyer | Drink Driving Lawyers Brisbane | Wiseman Lawyers

Whether you need an expert DUI Lawyer to avoid a recorded conviction, are concerned about lengthy DUI penalties for repeat offending, or want to keep out of jail after grievous road related offending, the Wiseman Lawyers team of dedicated DUI Lawyers can help you today.

DUI Lawyer Minimising Qld DUI Penalties

Having specialised in nothing but Queensland DUI laws for over a decade, you will attend DUI court with the confidence in knowing you have Queensland's best DUI Lawyer by your side. When you call or text the Wiseman Lawyers team for your Free No Obligation Case Assessment on 0420102404 you will be guided by your very own DUI Lawyer through the worst case Qld DUI penalties, but more importantly, the excellent outcome which we will achieve for you.

DUI Lawyer Can Get You a Work Licence

Face losing your job if you lose your licence? Let the Wiseman Lawyers team of expert DUI Lawyers secure for you a DUI Work Licence. Keep driving throughout Queensland, and everywhere else in Australia, for work purposes during your court ordered DUI licence disqualification. Wiseman Lawyers have obtained thousands of DUI Work Licenses for our very happy clients over the years.

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Gain valuable insights and learn more about how to save your licence.

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Free No Obligation Case Assessment

Instead of stressing out while searching aimlessly for answers online, do yourself a favour and claim your Free No Obligation Case Assessment with a Brisbane Traffic Lawyer from the Wiseman Lawyers team. At no cost to you, we will provide you with a thorough analysis of your matter, a complete break down of best and worst case scenarios, what needs to be done to secure for you a DUI Work Licence or a Traffic Offence Special Hardship Licence, what needs to be done between now and your final court date in order to secure the best possible outcome, along with the answers to the numerous questions which you are sure to have. We will email you a fixed fee quote, and only if you decide to proceed further will you need to pay anything.

Call or Text us anytime on 0420102404 or click here to submit an online enquiry.

Watch Hundreds of Court Outcome Videos

Talk is cheap. Words on a website can only convey so much. Get amongst the live action of real life court cases and watch over 100 court outcome ride along videos filmed as Brisbane Traffic Lawyer Andrew Wiseman literally drives away from the courthouse after having saved the licenses of happy clients throughout not only Brisbane but right across Queensland.

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