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The charge of Possess Dangerous Drug is considered by the Courts of Queensland to be one of a contempt for the laws of Queensland, one which shows that the particular person in question believes that 'the laws do not apply to them'.

Possess Dangerous Drug penalties in Queensland reflect this.

In the instance where a person charged with Possess Dangerous Drug represents themselves, or appears at court with a lawyer who does not specialise in Qld Drug & Alcohol Crime, the Magistrate or Judge will only hear a comprehensive set of submissions from the Prosecutor, and they will be exposing themselves to greater Possess Dangerous Drug penalties.

Specialist Queensland Drug & Alcohol Crime Lawyer

It is impossible for an unrepresented person, or a lawyer who practices in multiple areas of law, to be as well versed in the Drug & Alcohol penalties and laws of Queensland as a Court Prosecutor.

Accordingly, if you value your freedom, you too need a specialised Drug & Alcohol Crime Lawyer.

A first time Possess Dangerous Drug offender in posession of a Schedule 1 drug (Amphetamine, Cocaine, LSD, Methyamphetamine / Ice, MDMA / Ecstacy faces a maximum penalty of 25 years imprisonment.

A first time Possess Dangerous Drug offender in posessions of a Schedule 2 drug (Cannabis) faces a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment.

We ordinarily get both first time offender and repeat offender clients a fine only, or what is known as Drug Diversion,without any imprisonment.

Drug Diversion is a counselling session handed down in lieu if punishment.

Where clients face the very real risk of imprisonment, we frequently obtain wholly suspended sentences, and sentences with immediate parole, meaning client with this outcome do not actually go to jail.

Give yourself the best chance of staying out of jail - engage Queensland's only truly specialised Drug & Alcohol Crime Lawyers - Wiseman Lawyers.

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When you go to court, you will be facing a Prosecutor who practises in nothing but Drug & Alcohol Crime Law, all day every day.

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Give yourself the best chance of avoiding jail - engage Queensland's only truly specialised Drug & Alcohol Crime Lawyers - Wiseman Lawyers.

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